Money should no longer be a taboo

Money is a taboo subject, we don't talk about it enough in our family, at work, with our friends.

Over the years I have developed a real financial expertise and have specialized in crypto-currency.

My role today with My Twenty Cents, is to democratize the crypto universe and to teach you how to better manage your money.

Understanding blockchain

The blockchain is a technologie which permet the création d'a base from donationnées distribuee and sécurisee. Elthe is compoundee from blocks from donationnées lis entre eous from maniera cryptographics. Candte structure permet from garantir l'intéglaughé and the confidentiality of donationnées tout in etant facislandment vérifiable by tWe the participants.







Crypto lexicon

The lexics crypto is a outit in ligne which vWe permet from holeworm of deenditions clareas and précises of termes the more courtants utiliss dyears the mwave from the cryptographie. VWe porvez également holeworm of explications deyourillées from somees concepts more avancs. The lexics crypto is put à day regulierament afin from vWe offrir the dernières informations disponibles.

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