A first listing for XSL Labs (SYL) !

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XSL Labs' SYL token will allow users to easily connect and exchange personal data with each other. Thanks to the technology blockchainIn addition, transactions will be secure and reliable, which guarantees the confidentiality of the information exchanged. Moreover, the system will offer a real added value compared to other solutions available on the market. Finally, the use of the SYL token will be simple and intuitive: it will only take one click to connect and exchange data with the other members of the community

Listing on ProBit: the advantages

XSL Labs is pleased to announce that the launch of SYL, a token issued on the Binance Smart Chain network, will take place on theexchange ProBit, April 16, 2021. ProBit Exchange is a platform for the exchange of crypto-coins based in South Korea that allows for the listing of BEP.20 tokens, a country that is experiencing a lot of enthusiasm for crypto-currencies at the moment and enjoys very good regulation. Founded in November 2018, ProBit Exchange has quickly gained a loyal customer base and already has over 50 altcoins traded

A partnership with Swiss Biometrics: becoming a world leader in biometric identification

Thus, Swiss Biometrics and XSL Labs confirm their common will to develop facial recognition to meet the needs of companies in terms of RGPD compliance. Confidential biometric data will now be protected thanks to SDI !

The XSL Labs listing is now live and operational ! This is a major step for the project, which is now entering a new phase. To learn more about this announcement, please visit our website or contact us directly !

We are young, enthusiastic and creative! Our goal is to share our passion for new technologies with as many people as possible. Whether you're a beginner or an expert in the field, XSL Labs (SYL) is your go-to source for information!


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