Bitcoin (BTC) will have bright days, says Catherine Wood

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Catherine Wood, founder and CEO of Ark Invest, said Bitcoin (BTC) will have bright days ahead. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, she explained why Ark is so optimistic about the first crypto-based assets by market capitalization. She believes that BTC should benefit from the current trend of central banks injecting more and more liquidity into the financial markets. Read on to learn more about Catherine Wood's reasons!

Bitcoin (BTC) according to Catherine Wood

Bitcoin (BTC) will have bright days, according to Catherine Wood. The head of the investment firm Ark Invest estimates that the price of Bitcoin could reach $500,000 by 2030. In this section, we'll look at what Catherine Wood thinks about Bitcoin and why she thinks it could be such a big deal for price.

Bitcoin according to Catherine Wood: bright days ahead

According to Catherine Wood, CEO of Ark Invest, Bitcoin (BTC) will have bright days in 2020. Indeed, Ms. Wood believes that the cryptocurrency could reach a price of $40,000 this year. To support her opinion, she explains that the world's central banks will inject billions of dollars into the economy in order to counter the adverse effects of the coronavirus on economic activity. But such an injection of money will inevitably result in a increase prices (inflation). In this context of rising prices, Bitcoin (BTC), which is theoretically limited to 21 million units and whose production halves every 4 years or so, would be well placed to take advantage of this galloping inflation and appreciate strongly.

Bitcoin (BTC): Good news for investors

Catherine Wood, founder and CEO of ARK Investment Management LLC, said Bitcoin (BTC) will have bright days ahead. She believes that the price of BTC could reach 500,000 $ by 2027 or 2030. The main drivers of BTC's price rise, she said, will be institutional adoption and lower transaction costs.

The bright days of Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC) is one of the cryptocurrencies the world's most popular currency. Last week, Catherine Wood, CEO of ARK Investment Management, said that Bitcoin is poised to shine brightly. In this section, we'll look at why Ms. Woods believes Bitcoin will have a bright future.

Bitcoin (BTC) will shine brightly

Invest in Bitcoin (BTC) because bright days are ahead, according to Catherine Wood. Indeed, the CEO of Ark Investment Management has claimed that BTC's value could eventually reach 500,000 $. According to her, this would be made possible by the "increased adoption" of the crypto-currency by financial institutions and businesses. Furthermore, Wood estimates that if 2 % of the world's assets were invested in Bitcoin (BTC), then its value would increase to $10 million!

Bitcoin (BTC) will have a bright future

C Catherine Wood is a renowned businesswoman and investor. In her book "Radient Techonologies," she predicts that Bitcoin will have a bright future. The reasons she cites are:

  • Bitcoin has the potential to become the world's currency;

  • The technology behind Bitcoin is simply amazing;

  • Stock prices have recently reached record levels, which means that people are confident about the economic future.

Bitcoin (BTC), a good investment?

Catherine Wood, one of the most prominent figures in global finance, is convinced that Bitcoin (BTC) will have a bright future. According to her, BTC represents an excellent investment opportunity and could reach $500,000 in the next few years. In this article, we will see how her opinion can be justified and what are the reasons that make BTC a good investment!

Bitcoin (BTC): a good investment according to Catherine Wood?

Investors are always keeping an eye on market trends and trying to find the next big change. Crypto-currencies are in the midst of expansion and many believe they represent the future of finance. Bitcoin is the most famous crypto currency and seems to be a good investment according to Catherine Wood, CEO of Ark Investment Management. According to her, BTC could reach 400,000$ in the coming years as there are many factors working in its favor:

  • The technology blockchain behind bitcoin is extremely disruptive;

  • More and more institutions are starting to spend money in this area;

  • The total number of bitcoins available is limited (21 million) which will make the currency rare and prized by buyers;

  • Finally, Wood believes that if only 1 % of global financial assets were transferred to bitcoin, its price would increase 40-fold!

Bitcoin (BTC), bright days ahead!

According to Catherine Wood, CEO of ARK Invest, Bitcoin (BTC) will have bright days ahead. Indeed, in a video posted on YouTube in December 2018 titled "Bitcoin: The End of Fiat?" she explains that the three current technological revolutions

  • artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain
  • will give birth to what she calls "Internet 3.0". According to her, BTC will be the native currency of this Internet and will thus be able to take full advantage of its benefits. She also believes that thanks to its open code and its librarian philosophy, it represents a much more solid model than other privative crypto currencies such as Ripple (XRP).


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