Vincent Faudemer's NFT Babolex collection breaks records on Solanart (SOL)

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A few weeks ago, a new collection of Solana called Babolex appeared on the exchange platform SOL. Its creator, Vincent Faudemer, declared that he had spent several months putting together this collection, which was composed exclusively of NFT (non-fungible tokens). And the results are there! With a trading volume of more than 182.74 SOL in only 24 hours, it is currently the most popular NFT collection on SOL

Presentation of the NFT Babolex furniture collection

According to Solanart data, Vincent Faudemer's Babolex collection is breaking records! This collection includes digital artworks that are stored on the blockchain. It is accessible through the Solanart platform where you can buy or sell NFTs. Moreover, this collection continues to grow as Vincent has recently announced the inclusion of a new exclusive work in his Babolex Collection!

The Babolex Golden Tickets have been digitized and put on sale on the Solanart platform by Vincent Faudemer. These tickets, inspired by the success of the physical collector cards of the author-illustrator, are sold at a price relatively high in order to encourage enthusiasts to get this limited edition. Among the many collections offered on Solanart, the Babolex Golden Tickets occupy a special place because they are difficult to obtain!

Vincent Faudemer's NFT Babolex collection is breaking records on Solanart (SOL)! This collection also offers to its customers an auction system that allows you to make an offer to any NFT owner of your choice. An initiative that can be very interesting if an NFT is not yet officially for sale or if you want to negotiate a price. The race for great collectors is on: adopt your Babolex NFT without delay

This new collection by Vincent Faudemer is breaking records on Solanart (SOL)! It is composed of 6000 NFT distributed to 1 235 people worldwide. This unique offer is now available on the SOLANART platform.

Vincent Faudemer, founder of the NFT Babolex collection: a love story with words

The famous Forbes magazine recently published an article about Vincent Faudemer, aka the "Little Prince of Contemporary Art". This rising French artist has been climbing the ranks and making a name for himself on the international scene since 2018. He exhibits his works all over the world and calls on the biggest personalities to collect them! Among them: Chris Brown, Djibril Cissé, Martika Caringella or Liam Payne and the Kardashian family. And they all rush on his last creation, the NFT Babolex collection

Artist Vincent Faudemer recently became famous for his series of works entitled Babolex. Since the sale of his first piece in Los Angeles, he has continued to impress by pushing his creativity further and further. His NFT (Non-Functioning Taxidermy) collection is breaking records on Solanart and has already been sold all over the world. This unusual artist promises a great career

Collector Vincent Faudemer decided to put his art collection up for sale on the blockchain platform SOLANART, after he found that transactions on this platform were faster, safer and more transparent than other existing platforms. What makes the Babolex NFT Collection so special is that it exceeds all previous records. Indeed, it includes works of art from some of the biggest names in contemporary art

Since then, Vincent Faudemer has decided to take a new step by creating his own art gallery based on blockchain. Called "Gallery Babolex", it offers artists a showcase to exhibit their work and all Internet users the opportunity to discover priceless works. Among these artists, we find Danni Shen who is remarkable for his futuristic approach to abstract digital painting.

This year, sculptor Vincent Faudemer is breaking records on the online sales platform SOLANART with his NFT Babolex collection. With over 350,000 members, this community is a real strength for Vincent who hopes to expand his work and make his art accessible to as many people as possible. Despite all the difficulties that there can be to create value around a digital company, this young entrepreneur remains motivated and full of energy It must be said that Vincent is an original artist, who likes to defy codes and push the limits

After making a name for himself with his first NFT collection (named Babolex), Vincent Faudemer continues to make a name for himself by breaking records on the art platform Solanart. His second collection, named AlienX', promises a universe even richer and more surprising than the first one! As critical as enthusiastic, his fans are impatiently waiting for his drop scheduled for very soon.


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