The cryptocurrency Chiliz (CHZ) launches a new blockchain

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This new blockchain is designed to improve network performance and security. Key innovations include: -Improved scalability to achieve transaction speeds of up to 10,000 Transactions per second (TPS) through the use of technology Raiden Network; -The integration of a Proof of Authority algorithm to ensure decentralized and equitable governance of key network parameters;

The cryptocurrency Chiliz (CHZ) is launching a new blockchain to meet the needs of its growing community. With more capacity than Bitcoin, the CC2 blockchain allows for more efficient deployment and much faster transactions.

The Chiliz blockchain testnet is now live, which will allow users to experiment and test the network's functionality.

With this new blockchain, Chiliz hopes to stimulate the creation of significant economic and social activities on its platform. To do so, it provides developers with a complete suite of components to easily build decentralized applications. Among the main features offered by Scoville, we can mention the support of participative voting or the automated management of smart contracts.

The Liquid and Active Blockchain project mentioned by Max Rabinovitch is very ambitious! Chiliz indeed aims to create a blockchain dedicated to cultural content. To achieve this, the company is counting on the Socios community to develop. This initiative is fully in line with the social media marketing strategy of Chiliz, which aims to involve users to the maximum.

The launch of this new blockchain is an important step for Chiliz, which wants to accelerate its deployment and expand its audience. NBB Chain was chosen because it offers many advantages, especially in terms of scalability and efficiency. "We are convinced that NBB Chain will be an excellent partner for our project," explains Christophe De Courson, CEO of Chiliz.

Chiliz Chain 2.0 is a platform for creating and developing communities focused on video games, sports and other exciting digital activities!

The launch of Chiliz Chain 2.0 is a great opportunity for companies and users who want to decentralize their activities. Blockchain offers a number of advantages, notably in terms of reliability, security and transparency. The use cases of the CHZ token will be multiple: exchanges, derivatives, loyalty programs... Thanks to this innovative platform, it will be possible to create ever more powerful applications!

By offering an efficient and economical blockchain, Chiliz contributes to the growth of cryptocurrency. CC2 is therefore a major asset for the development of the crypto-ecosystem!

The launch of Chiliz Chain 2.0 is great news for developers and users alike! The scalability of the system allows CHZ token holders to improve the speed and efficiency of interactions with smart contracts. In addition, the PoSA protocol ensures that only participants who have been approved by the network will be able to earn rewards. Long live the Chiliz (CHZ) cryptocurrency!

The future of the conclusion

Chiliz project starts its new blockchain successfully! The sports and entertainment sectors were chosen because they are promising for blockchain startups. These startups need tokens (CHZ) to operate, which will help increase their popularity. If the tests are successful, the price of the CHZ token should continue to grow in the coming months. This will allow the relevant industries to benefit from the advantages offered by blockchain technology and to develop more rapidly

After investing in the Chiliz (CHZ) cryptocurrency, Alexandre decided to create a blockchain to allow companies and individuals to use this system. With this new technology, he wants to improve transactions and make their process faster with his technical team.


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