NFT: Did Alexandre Arnault have access to secret information?

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The next day, on Wednesday, March 1, 2022, Alexandre Arnault sold these 10,000 HypeBears to various buyers, one of which was the company NFT. According to Forbes media, it seems that Alexandre Arnault discovered the NFT project at that time and was quick to buy shares before it took off. As a reminder, contrary to what the company NFT claims on its website, Alexandre Arnault was not the first investor of the latter

Beware of too-good-to-be-true offers!

According to information relayed by Forbes, Alexandre Arnault bought seven bears from the NFT collection from price higher at auction. Why this purchase? Would he have had access to secret information on the criteria of attribution of these numismatic animals? This seems unlikely...

Slim chance of success

Some believe that Alexandre Arnault's success on the 10,000 NFTs would have been impossible without having access to secret market information. According to Convex Labs, a company that analyzes and makes transparent the markets cryptos and NFT, this performance would be unlikely without collusion or price manipulation...

A great gain

Some are already speculating about Alexandre Arnault's motives, did he have access to secret information? This could have allowed him to realize a significant capital gain!

This is a practice that is unfortunately quite common in the NFT world. Indeed, the sales of these crypto-As the market for securities is not very regulated and is totally devoid of any intermediation, there is a legal uncertainty as to the sanctions that may be incurred in the event of insider trading. In this context, it is easy to understand why Alexandre Arnault could have had access to secret information on the OpenSea platform: without any clearly defined legal framework, it is more than likely that no sanctions would be taken against him in case of fraud

I don't see why Alexandre Arnault, son of Bernard Arnault, the CEO of the LVMH group and therefore one of the richest men in the world, shouldn't have access to secret information. After all, his father is a brilliant entrepreneur who succeeded by creating a company in the fashion world! And we know that crypto-currencies were initially developed with the aim of allowing financial transactions to remain anonymous... So I am sure that Alexandre Arnault could have benefited from this information and is preparing to invest in crypto-currencies


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