Origin: the new free-to-play game from Axie Infinity

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Axie Infinity Origin is an online video game that features the concept of cryptocurrencies. It is a game totally based on NFT (Non Fungible Tokens). Created by Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese studio, this platform uses electronic and digital currencies based on the blockchain Ethereum. All users can discover the fascinating and intriguing world of crypto-currencies and blockchain in an exciting and fun way!

Axie Infinity's goal is to provide a new experience for players who want to discover online role-playing games.

Axie Infinity is pleased to announce the launch of its new game: Origin. This free-to-play game aims to be a new experience, marked by a fast and fun gameplay. Based on dragons and other fantastic creatures, Origins offers breathtaking epic battles!

You've probably heard of the free-to-play game Origin, developed by Axie Infinity. This title is available on the Mavis Hub distribution platform and the Android and iOS versions are not quite ready yet. But rest assured! A web-based mobile version will be launched soon.

Axie Infinity is back with a new free-to-play game, Origin. The launch marks an important milestone for the studio's development, according to Jeff Zirlin, co-founder and Head of Growth at Sky Mavis. According to him, this early access will allow users to get the best possible training for the upcoming battles. More information about this new title will be announced soon on the official game page!

Axie Infinity develops an inaccessible platform for users?

But now, the developers have good news to announce! Indeed, the game will soon be free. Yes, you heard me right: free. Origin will be the new game in the franchise and it will allow players to get Axies without having to pay a cent. For those who don't know Axie Infinity yet, it's a game where the objective is to make your creatures evolve and gain in power

After starting to play, characters can evolve and be traded to other players. This is the "Play to Earn" concept. The game uses NFTs, non-fungible tokens, for unique identification of each Axie character. Thus, the Axie Infinity project quickly became the precursor of blockchain play-to-earn games, allowing Sky Mavis to raise $152 million in just a few months!

Axie Infinity will launch its new free-to-play Origin game this summer and fans are already looking forward to it! The project has a capitalization of over $3 billion, making it one of the best funded companies in the industry. As for the AXS token, it is worth 52.39$ per unit despite the hacking incident. So fears about volatility seem to be totally unfounded for the moment.

A new chapter is opening for your company!

Axie Infinity was finally able to refund players who lost their cryptocurrency during the Ronin network breach. To do this, they raised a total of 624 million dollars! This development will also allow them to increase the number of validators to 21 in the coming months. After conducting a security audit and updating their network, Axie Infinity will be ready for even more users!

Axie Infinity is a company known for its collectible games and active community. However, they have decided to change the rules of the game by launching Origin. This new game allows players to get started in the world of Axies with three characters for free without having to spend anything! All you have to do is create an account on Origin and you're off to join the Axian community.

Origin is a free-to-play strategy game set in the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies. Play as either a company or a minor and conquer the market! Thanks to the blockchain, exchanges are 100% reliable and transparent. Take your destiny into your own hands and become the new hero of cryptocurrencies!


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