TRON (TRX) launches its USDD stablecoin and promises "financial freedom

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The crypto-currency TRON (TRX) has launched its USDD stablecoin and promises "financial freedom". A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency whose price is linked to an asset or a fiat currency, to reduce the price volatility of other cryptocurrencies. TRON (TRX) thinks the USDD is a better option than others cryptocurrencies because it will offer users more flexibility and lower costs.

Crypto-currency TRON (TRX) launches its USDD stablecoin and promises "financial freedom"

TRON (TRX) has launched its USDD stablecoin and promises "financial freedom." TRX aims to offer "financial freedom" by providing users with a safe, instant and private way to transfer money.

TRON Launches USDD Stablecoin, Promises "Financial Freedom

TRON (TRX) recently launched its stablecoin called USDD. The purpose of this crypto-currency is to provide users with a alternative viable to the U.S. dollar, so that they can exchange funds without being subject to the volatility of the financial markets. TRON promises that its currency will be "pegged" to the dollar, meaning that it will have a stable value and will not be subject to the same fluctuations as the Bitcoin or other cryptos. USDD will be available on the Binance platform DEXTRON's new website, which allows users to easily buy and sell this new crypto-currency. TRON hopes to offer people "financial freedom" by giving them access to a fairer and more transparent financial system.

TRX Launches USDD Stablecoin and Aims to Provide "Financial Freedom

The TRON (TRX) crypto-currency has just launched its own stablecoin, USDD. The latter aims to offer "financial freedom" to users by allowing them to transfer and Receive funds quickly and without fees. The new stablecoin is compatible with most popular wallet platforms, such as Trust Wallet, Atomic Wallet and Coinomi. The company behind TRON says that this new tool will be especially useful for people who want to send or receive international payments.

What is a stablecoin?

The launch of a stablecoin by the TRON project (TRX) has generated a lot of interest and controversy. Why the hype? What are the advantages of USDD over other crypto-currencies? This section will give you a better understanding of what a stablecoin is, how it works and why it is considered an interesting solution to avoid crypto-currency price fluctuations.

Stablecoins: the alternative to traditional currencies?

TRON has launched its USDD stablecoin in collaboration with Tether. TRON Media had announced the partnership between the two projects last October, but the launch date was not specified at the time. The stablecoin is now available on the TRX platform and promises "financial freedom" to users.

Stablecoins: the solution to avoid crypto-currency fluctuations?

A new player has just entered the stablecoin market, the TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency. Launched in September 2019, USDD is a stablecoin pegged 1:1 with the US dollar. This means that each unit of USDD corresponds exactly to one U.S. dollar and its value does not fluctuate with the crypto market.

To guarantee this stability, the funds deposited by users are entirely covered by US dollars stored in a bank based in the United States. Moreover, in order to ensure the smooth running of the system and to ensure total transparency, all transactions made with USDD are auditable via the blockchain Ethereum public.

TRON launched USDD in partnership with Tether, a company specialized in the creation of stablecoins.

Why TRON (TRX) thinks USDD is a better option than other cryptocurrencies

While many projects focus on building an ecosystem, TRON (TRX) has launched its stablecoin USDD and is now promising "financial freedom." In this section, we'll explain why TRON (TRX) thinks USDD is a better option than other cryptocurrencies.

TRON (TRX) launches its USDD stablecoin and promises "financial freedom

TRON (TRX) launched its USDD stablecoin on November 19, and the TRON Foundation promises that this new cryptocurrency will offer users "financial freedom." So why does it think USDD is a better option than other cryptos?

First of all, it's important to know that TRON (TRX) is an open source blockchain project that aims to create a decentralized internet. By launching its own stablecoin, it hopes to simplify transactions on its platform and make crypto currencies more accessible to the general public. The goal of the project is therefore to allow everyone to easily use crypto currencies without having to worry about market fluctuations.

TheUSD D will be available in three forms: Tether US Dollars (USDT), Circle USDC and TrueUSD . Users will be able to exchange these different types of digital currencies directly with each other via the TronLink platform or Ledger Live. This means that you don't need any external encryption or additional software to start trading! Just simple installation connecting your phone or computer to the internet and downloading the appropriate software app for each type of stablecoin.


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