Uniris, Archethic, a new burn !

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Archethic is a project that has decided to burn an important part of its tokens! Why? Quite simply because they have an ultra-efficient consensus in place, and they want to evolve their project. This story proves that cryptocurrencies are not only used to pay fees or to pay the validators of the system: they can also be an exchange value within an ecosystem. When talking about cryptocurrencies, it is important to consider their impact on society

We could have thought it was a mistake, or even a hoax. However, this is what Archethic did last night: they burned almost all their tokens! After talking to the creators of the project, we finally understood why they chose to take action. But above all, let's discover how it is possible to use tokens as if we could burn euros? And above all...

Uniris or Archethic, what is the difference?

Uniris is one of the most innovative and promising projects of recent years! Thanks to its technology ultra-secure, it is possible to replace all passwords, keys or other authentication devices with a simple touch. This will finally allow us a true democratization of technologies!

This year, the startup Uniris presents Archethic, an unprecedented burn that revolutionizes the world of technology. Thanks to this project, individuals finally have a say in how their personal information is used. No more worries about data piracy! Archethic is a secure and reliable platform that protects your digital identity.

How is it possible to burn tokens? Well, it's actually very simple!

But that's not all! Smart contracts on the blockchain Ethereum are also forgery-proof. The proof? The famous DAO hack, which siphoned off several million dollars in ethers. Despite this, the hackers were unable to modify the smart contract at the origin of the crime, because it was immutable and authenticated thanks to the blockchain

It's a radical decision, and one that's in the news a lot at the moment. Many projects have chosen to burn their tokens for different reasons, but it remains a rare and risky act.

Why is burning tokens not the ideal solution?

Uniris, Archethic are some of the most innovative blockchain projects. They have recently decided to do an unprecedented burn! This is an economic move that aims to create a utility for their token and increase its value.

It's official! On December 15th, Uniris will announce its 90 % burn of its tokens. This will provide archethic users with a better experience and more transparency on the use of funds. This unprecedented burn will also mark a turning point for the blockchain community!

On December 15, the project announced that it will burn 90% of its initially created tokens

  •  The Uniris project, which defines itself as a "platform for the exchange of goods and services using new technologies" announced yesterday the scheduled burn (destruction) of 90% of its initially created tokens. The remaining 10% will be used to finance the project's activities.
  •  According to its CEO Cyril Moutte, this operation will in particular "increase liquidity on our markets and therefore the accessibility of cryptocurrencies to individuals."

Archethic, a blockchain platform that recently burned 90% of their native tokens, is poised to become a crypto-first. This announcement was posted on @newsbtc and it's getting a lot of interest from investors!

Here is the initial distribution of tokens for the Uniris project! 10% of the tokens will be assigned to the development team, 15% to partners and 75 % to the public. The first buyers will also receive a bonus in tokens! Feel free to join us on our website or on our different channels to get more information.

Here is the initial breakdown of the tokens in the Uniris project: - The tokens were divided into three groups:

  • Uniris : 300 tokens
  • Archethic: 200 tokens The unprecedented burn will take place on October 12 and will give a bonus of 20% on all purchases made during the day. Take advantage of it!

Uniris, Archethic and the other actors of the art market have once again burned the world with the Biennale of Contemporary Art! 38,2% of the financing comes this year from public funds. Private and institutional collectors continue to massively support emerging artists.

With Uniris, Archethic offers a new quality burn! With this software, companies can easily lock and protect their confidential documents. With 90% locked deliverables, you can be sure that your content is well kept.

This revolutionary new technology, called Uniris, is both simple and effective. It allows to encrypt data exchanged between different computers thanks to a unique key shared between them. In this way, it becomes very complicated for hackers or other intruders to access the sensitive information circulating on them. And that's not all! Archethic is able to guarantee the total anonymity of the network users during the data exchange

Uniris, Archethic ! What a great discovery this new online burn was. Thanks to its simplicity and efficiency, it has raised my level of play to the next level. I managed to climb up the rankings thanks to the different stratagems set up with Uniris, Archethic.

Uniris, Archethic finally unveils its new burn ! After months of hard work and flawless organization, the members of Archethic have succeeded in developing a burn that they are particularly proud of. This new version, called Uniris, promises to be the talk of the town. Thanks to it, players will be able to enjoy an even more immersive and breathtaking experience than ever!

A burn finally balanced! 3,4% Pf of exchange and an archethic which is still very exciting. With the arrival of spring, this session is full of animations and surprises. Whether it is on the stands or through the various services proposed here, there is something to satisfy everyone!

Finally, Uniris launches its Archethic and it is a success! This burn is very different from the others because it proposes an innovative concept in the field of marketing. Thanks to this product, companies will be able to efficiently develop their activity on the Internet. Moreover, Uniris also provides merchants with all the necessary tools to optimize their online sales.

Uniris, Archethic have launched an unprecedented burn in accounting rules! 2.2% of the total income generated by their activities will go to the foundation. This is great news for this organization that has been working for years in favor of art and culture. The members of Archethic are very happy to have contributed to its success and are ready to continue on this path!

This week, Uniris launches its Mainnet. The latter was eagerly awaited by the project's teams and investors. It should be noted that this unprecedented burn is a first for a cryptocurrency ! 47.2% of the tokens have indeed been locked in order to protect the network from any potential attack. The 10 billion tokens created will be burned on this occasion, which will allow users to get bigger rewards. So don't wait any longer and join the Uniris community

What are the objectives of Uniris?

Uniris reached its goal and burned 90% of its tokens! This is equivalent to keeping only 1 billion tokens, more exactly 90,135,953 UCOs. The UCO token is the cryptocurrency of this ecosystem. It seems that investors have reacted positively to this announcement as the price of the UCO token has skyrocketed on the various markets!

The Uniris project has just realized an unprecedented burn by depositing the amount of about 4.7 billion UCO tokens on Etherscan. Thanks to this burn, the funds will be blocked and secured to guarantee the smooth running of the project!

The reasons for this burnout

The Uniris teams decided to perform a massive burn of the UCO token in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the project. Indeed, they had noticed via a simulation that the outstanding offer of the UCO token was higher than its future fully diluted offer. This discrepancy had largely affected the confidence of investors and this could not have continued any longer!

Uniris, Archethic is an innovative company that offers a new burn! This company was created with the aim of developing an autonomous and user-friendly network. To achieve this, Uniris will burn excess tokens in order to guarantee trust to investors and users. Thanks to this simulation, it was demonstrated that an economy could be viable by sharing the tokens within the network. Don't hesitate to discover this revolutionary company and invest in its token

Finally, the archethic is a reality! This ambitious project was born a few weeks ago and already, the first results are positive. The objective of this unprecedented burn? To reach energy self-sufficiency! And this without resorting to pollution or fossil fuels. Thanks to the Archethic, we will finally be able to turn the page on oil and nuclear power plants.

Uconomics: the economy of tomorrow

Here is the new distribution of UCO tokens! The tokens will be distributed as follows: 5% for burn, 32.6% for rewards and 62.4% in circulation. This decision was made in order to increase the adoption of the Archethic project, but also as part of the staking. This business model allows participants to earn tokens without having to mine or invest!

Uniris, Archethic: a new way to burned in! The foundation keeps 2% of the issued tokens and 5% will be used for the exchange's liquidity. Network funding represents the highest percentage with about 38% of all UCOs.

Assessment and Perspectives

The Uniris project has decided to change its strategy in order to better satisfy investors and users. Indeed, a new economic base is being built to allow the archethic to have more interaction before its Mainnet which arrives during 2022. This strategic shift seems to be paying off as the network has a different focus that should allow it to reach its goals!

The Uniris project, Archethic is a new way to approach the world of cryptocurrency. Its Mainnet will see the light of day in 2022 and promises an unprecedented burn! It will be one to watch closely this year as it may change the rules of the game.

Interested in investment and financial markets after a business school in Chambéry, the passion for crypto-currencies was obvious. Blockchain is surely the universal tool of tomorrow. After months of immersion in research and development on this vast and enriching subject, I created "Uniris", the first French platform allowing to buy and sell digital assets (tokens) from a bank account


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