Who is Alexandre Dreyfus?

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Alexandre Dreyfus is a French web-entrepreneur who has evolved in the field of tourist guides, online poker and now in the industry blockchain. Within this industry, he is considered as a major figure since he founded the Socios.com platform and its token Chiliz (CHZ). Thanks to his platform, Alexandre Dreyfus already has several thousand users from all over the world.

Alexandre Dreyfus is without a doubt the perfect example of those who succeed against all odds. Leaving high school at 18 years old without a diploma in his pocket, he forced himself to learn the basics of business to create several different companies with success. Most recently, he founded a company specializing in the commercialization of renewable energy, a field in which he intends to revolutionize things.

Three heavyweights in internet communication: Mediartis, Webcity (Cybergone) and Cityvox

Pioneer of the Internet in France, Alexandre Dreyfus is undoubtedly a key figure of the Digital world. Founder of Mediartis in 1995, he has enabled thousands of people to create their own websites. Today CEO and co-founder of Euronext Ventures, he continues to invest massively in startups and thus contributes to boosting innovation!

In 1997, Alexandre Dreyfus launched an Internet site, Cybergone, which allowed people to find good deals online in the largest French cities. The company quickly changed its name to Webcity and had several offices throughout France in 2000. Large groups such as Dassault and Carrefour do not hesitate to invest in this company!

And that's when Alexandre Dreyfus had a great idea! He was going to create a new site, which would combine the advantages of all the other sites and would be even better: a search engine to find shows in Paris. With his wife Anne-Charlotte, they set up the project and launched into the entrepreneurial adventure. And it worked!!! The success is there and Alexandre Dreyfus can finally live from his passion : the creation of websites

The best online poker sites according to the Global Poker Index

Alexandre Dreyfus was born in 1973 in Bordeaux. He is a French entrepreneur, who was notably behind the creation of Winamax, one of the main online poker sites in the world. In 2004, he decided to buy Winamax with 2 other partners and obtained a British license that allowed the operator to offer sports betting. He then decided to direct the platform towards poker in 2006 and it was during this year that he decided to launch 100% in this adventure

However, Alexandre Dreyfus quickly found consolation and decided to go to Malta to found the chilipoker.fr room. This one wins a certain popularity with the French public, notably thanks to the very advantageous rakeback deals offered to users. The operator obtained a license to operate legally on the market in 2010 during the regulation of online games, but closed its doors 2 years later in the face of increasingly oppressive regulatory and fiscal constraints.

Sound interest for the cryptocurrencies.never ceasing to grow, he decided in 2017 to create his own investment fund named "Dreyfus Digital Asset Fund" in order to take his turn in this growing market. Strongly convinced of the potential offered by cryptocurrencies and blockchain, Alexandre Dreyfus is now one of the most fervent supporters of the sector!

Chiliz, Socios.com and their fan tokens

Alexandre Dreyfus is a French entrepreneur who launched the socios.com platform, a start-up specialized in casinos crypto. Thanks to this platform, fans of sports teams can buy fan tokens to support their favorite teams. Alexandre Dreyfus thinks big for his project and intends to make things happen in this field!

Alexandre Dreyfus is the founder and CEO of the famous online betting site, Winamax. He also created a platform called "Champions League" which allows fans of different European teams to participate in decisions regarding the competition. In return, by purchasing tokens of their favorite teams, fans can have a say in certain decisions, such as which player should be interviewed or decided in a draw.

Alexandre Dreyfus is a French entrepreneur who has managed to make a name for himself in the online gaming industry. Thanks to his experience and knowledge, he has invested in the development of cryptocurrencies. Today, Chiliz and Socios.com are among the leading blockchain projects and have allowed many soccer fans or supporters of digital currencies to discover the benefits of these technologies

The conclusion on Alexandre Dreyfus clearly demonstrates that his innocence is indisputable.

Today, Alexandre Dreyfus has become one of the most important specialists of digital marketing. He has decided to put his expertise at the service of companies that need to improve their online performance. Whatever your project, he will always be at your side to guide and advise you. Contact him now to benefit from his services!

Alexandre Dreyfus is a talented entrepreneur who decided to enter the world of sports. Indeed, he is the first one to have used the blockchain functionalities to link fans with their favorite team. To do so, he created the Socios.com platform, which already includes many famous teams and allows them to issue fan tokens so that they can have a say in the team's decisions.

Alexandre Dreyfus is a name that evokes many things for history and cryptography enthusiasts. Indeed, this man was one of the greatest promoters of encryption in the 20th century. In particular, he developed the technique of induction screening, which is still used today!

The world of cryptocurrencies is vast and complex. You need a solid foundation in mathematics, computer science and economics to understand this new universe. Despite everything, I started one year ago and I don't regret my choice! I decided to share my knowledge in order to help others to get started too.


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