XSL Labs: better understand the project that reinvents the concept of decentralized identity!

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The French project XSL Labs is positioning itself on this market with the objective of creating an ecosystem of online trust thanks to its decentralized identity solution called SDI (Secure Digital Identity). Let's dive into this project with great ambitions that wants to contribute to the building of tomorrow's Internet! The issue of managing and protecting personal data online has never been more topical. It's no wonder that the XSL Labs project, which reinvents the concept of decentralized identity, has made a place for itself in this growing market

So, what is XSL Labs? It's simply a team of developers working hard to reinvent the concept of decentralized identity! Indeed, this project has been designed to be easy to use and above all very secure. Thanks to new technologies blockchainWith this new solution, users can create a unique identifier in just a few clicks. This simplifies the life of Internet users while guaranteeing greater security.

XSL Labs is a startup that reinvents the concept of decentralized identity. The team of 16 people is working hard to develop this innovative project! The CEO George Tresignies aka "Slash Coin" is known as an independent trader providing analysis on his Youtube channel where he gathers an active community of 30 000 people.

The XSL Labs project was born in 2018, from the love of founders Georges Tresignies and Ludovic Ryckelynck for the technology blockchain and decentralized identities. They realized that there was no French-speaking project dealing with this topic at the time, which explains the choice of the name Sylare (which later became XSL Labs). During 2 years, the teams worked hard to propose a solution bringing added value to users

XSL Labs is a project that aims to reinvent the concept of decentralized identity. Through a better understanding of the issues related to security and the dispersion of personal data online, this project hopes to create an entire ecosystem to solve these crucial issues. In addition, XSL Labs will allow individuals to retain full control over their personal information!

ONE, the mobile application dedicated to the management of its decentralized identity is available! It allows users to easily and quickly connect to all services and applications that need a DID. Thanks to ONE, you can also personalize your identity by adding useful information such as your phone number or email address. With this application, XSL Labs wants to offer a simplified and optimal user experience to reinvent the concept of decentralized identity.

To better understand SDI, let's start by exploring the concept of DID. This term refers to the digital identification of a person or entity online. It is a process that allows a physical entity (person, organization...) to be identified on the Internet without having to use a real name or any other personal identifier. To do this, each individual has a file containing information about him and which is hosted on different servers around the world

XSL Labs' SDI project is without a doubt the solution that will reinvent the concept of decentralized identity! Thanks to its blockchain technology, this project will provide users with a unique and reliable digital identity. Moreover, the data will be stored on a public blockchain, which will ensure a maximum level of security. So don't hesitate and join the community of SDI users to take full advantage of the benefits it offers

One of the advantages of the SDI solution is that it will give individuals more control over their personal data. This is because the information will be stored on a distributed and encrypted registry, making it difficult to change or delete. In addition, the IDS user will be able to choose which items to share with third parties and which items will remain confidential.

XSL Labs' SYL token is at the heart of the project, which reinvents the concept of decentralized identity. This new identity is based on a "Smart Contract", a contract that will frame the entire IDS lifecycle (Creation, Modification and Agreement of rights by the user). Thanks to this system, users will be able to easily create a digital identity and exchange personal data with confidence in complete security

The first is the possibility for individuals to be recognized and identified, regardless of their geographical origin. Indeed, the IDS will allow users to choose an international certificate that will act as a digital identity and will be used to establish links with different online services (such as Paypal or Amazon). This means that you will no longer need to log in with your Facebook account if you want to order a product on the Fnac website. Moreover, the IDS is decentralized and relies on a Peer to Peer infrastructure

SDI is a very promising project that allows reinventing the concept of decentralized identity. For those who don't know yet, here is some information on the subject! IDS aims to limit the dispersion of online data and protect it from any potential danger. With this technology, you will be able to easily control your digital identity and digital assets. Moreover, it is important to note that IDS is compatible with different blockchains

The XSL Labs project is therefore an innovative and decentralized response to the need for a strong digital identity. It offers users full control over their personal data, which also helps preserve the privacy of individuals. Moreover, this identification via a SDI (Secure Digital Identity) can be used to prove the authenticity of certain information without ever having to share the secrets of this identity with anyone.

Moreover, the use of blockchain allows users to keep control over their data. Thus, the information is not stored anywhere and no one can access it without your permission. This ensures greater confidentiality and prevents any violation of privacy rights.

Of course, this technology will not only revolutionize computer security. Indeed, another advantage of IDS is to allow everyone to decentralize their identity on the Internet and thus significantly increase individual freedoms. With a decentralized identification impossible to censor or control by centralized companies like Facebook or Google, the user can finally be free to express his own digital identity without fear of reprisals

The SDI project developed by XSL Labs is particularly interesting because it reinvents the concept of decentralized identity! Indeed, it will allow users to set up a unique and reliable digital identity that can then be used to access different online services. The SDI will also be interoperable with other DID-type solutions on the market, which will allow Internet users to benefit from an even more secure Internet.

Of course, the possible applications are endless! But to give you an idea of the possibilities offered by XSL Labs, here are a few examples of use. First of all, decentralized identity can be used to guarantee the security and confidentiality of your personal information. Thanks to this technology, it is indeed possible to create an anonymous personal profile that contains no identifiable information. This protects your privacy and prevents identity theft.

The ONE application will also be responsible for issuing digital certificates to users, which are essential for the use of applications in the "SYL Library" store. These certificates will allow the different identity actors (individuals, companies and organizations) to authenticate themselves to the said applications and thus access their respective data. For more simplicity and a better user experience, ONE will also offer an installation wizard that will guide users during the creation of their account and the first connection to the application.

XSL Labs is a startup company that develops an SDI (Secure Decentralized Identifier). This solution reinvents the concept of decentralized identity and allows users to connect to services in complete security, without having to go through traditional platforms. XSL Labs will also develop possible use cases for its solution by partnering with platforms to be referenced as a means of identification. This way, you can choose to connect to third-party services using your decentralized identity, without having to give your first and last name.

The SDI is a project that reinvents the concept of decentralized identity! Thanks to it, you will be able to make sure that the people you exchange with on platforms like Airbnb, Uber, Tinder etc... are really who they claim to be. Thus, the IDS allows you to create a real chain of trust from platform to platform. Something that we don't find today. Since SDI is linked to XSL Labs, developers have been able to create a technology that allows SDI to work properly

Decentralized identity can also be applied to connected objects! Thanks to it, it will be possible to guarantee during the resale of an object that no information related to this object has been falsified. This technology can therefore be transposed to markets where uncertainty is still very present.

SDI is a revolutionary solution that will allow everyone to have a decentralized identity. Thanks to this technology, your identity can be stored and verified on several servers located all over the world. Thus, trust will be reinforced between the different actors of the web!

SYL is the utility token of the XSL Labs project. The maximum amount of SYL in circulation will not exceed 10,000,000,000. A maximum of 7,000,000,000 SYL will be distributed at the end of the project's ICO which is currently underway. Participants have until November 15 to participate! It is important to note that SYLs that are not distributed during the ICO phase will be destroyed, which means that they will disappear permanently and that no other distribution method will be proposed afterwards.

The SYL token will enable online purchases, bill payments and remote payments. Thanks to its simplicity and reliability, it will constitute a alternative to the current banking systems. Moreover, the Syloshi will be an excellent investment: its price will gradually increase over time!

XSL Labs is a project with a lot of potential! After its ICO, the team is going to play the role of a project gas pedal within the ecosystem by helping the development of projects thanks to the SYL token. Among the many use cases mentioned on the website, there is one that particularly caught our attention: Cortex. This project aims to rethink the model of personal data sharing and to create a decentralized identity

This revolutionary new solution will allow SDI (Secure Decentralized Identity) users to share their data in exchange for SYL (Smart Contract token) payments. On the other hand, advertisers will be able to serve ads and commercials to consenting users who are in research of the advertisers' products. Advertisers will also be paid to receive these ads. The Cortex system, based on a proven operation, will allow advertisers to target users based on decentralized and secure data

XSL Labs' project is truly innovative and reinvents the concept of decentralized identity! The SDI solutions and the ONE application will then enter a development phase before being made available to the public. The issuance of the SYL token by XSL Labs will also create a virtuous ecosystem around the project. This shows how promising the teams' project is, and it will pave the way for a new generation internet.

XSL Labs is a start-up that reinvents the concept of decentralized identity. Why do they do this ? Quite simply because it offers innovative and effective solutions to the problems encountered with current identification. These solutions include the creation of an efficient and secure centralized identity management system (or IMS), as well as the implementation of open source platforms allowing individuals to manage their own identity online.


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